Photo by Olivia Perillo

BOONIES specializes in modern, approachable design and fabrication. We operate a shop in Lafayette, Louisiana. TIG + MIG Welding, Plasma Cutting, and Metal Fabrication are our speciality. We house a lathe, bridgeport mill and woodworking capabilities as well.

Our clients have included: Chad Muska, the Juicy Leaf, Hey Hey Tearoom, Baker Boys Distribution, Diamond Supply Co, the city of Cottonport, Hot Lava, Mojave Modern, Dodge and Burn Darkroom, John Hilton House, NV Hair Salon and more. If you go and watch Fergie’s Music Video for Love is Pain, you might spot the free standing spiral staircase we custom fabricated for the shoot. 

Combining years of experience in fabrication, set building, conceptual art and construction, we built our business in the heat of a Mojave desert summer. A true tale of sweat and grit.  But, as our business grew, we recognized the California desert wasn't where we wanted to call home. It was a risk to pick up our business and go, but in 2018 we went for it.

Loading up the truck with our dog, cats and chickens, we left California and took this homesteading caravan to the deep south, back to Justin's roots. Smack dab in the heart of Cajun Country, amongst the wetlands, bayous and swamps, you’ll find BOONIES Design + Fabrication.


BOONIES is more than a business, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about listening to nature, and picking up other people’s trash. It’s in supporting small businesses over big box stores. It’s in waking up early to feed the chickens with a mug of hot coffee and chicory. Life doesn’t need distraction when you realize counting cards on the porch ain’t so bad after all. Come out to the Boonies sometime, we’ll show you.

- Justin Roy + Jayna Anderson


Website photos by Olivia Perillo